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Given the ease of access to the center of Costa Teguise, all time you can enjoy all the sports activities, excursions, shops, bars and restaurants. There is bus service to the center of Costa Teguise several times a day.

From Galleon Beach we offer a different holiday for travelers who want to practice or learn some activity or hobby. We have contacts and special conditions with several companies to provide our clients and friends practice any sport or hobby.

Lanzarote Tourism Information


Learn or play golf on both courses having Lanzarote. If you need further learning classes or we can also organize, adapt to your needs. Special prices for our customers. Visit the online fields:


Lanzarote is destination for diving enthusiasts. The seabed and fauna of the area attractive enough to know. We offer courses for beginners or just going to sea, to practice this eciting sport. If you want more information visit:


Cycling on Lanzarote is a unique experience, whether it's on the road and through dirt tracks. The volcanic scenery makes every a memorable bicycle. Organize trips both know Costa Teguise, as various points of Lanzarote and Graciosa. The companies we work with offer basic to professional levels. More information at:


Surf – Paddle Surf – Kite Surf

Famara Beach is the perfect area for the practice of this sport. The partner schools teach you or improve your technique, according to your needs. More information at:

Calima Surf


Discover the lost landscapes of Lanzarote unusual walking routes. All levels, from experienced initiated.


On the beach in the bucket, near Galeon Beach, you can practice this sport due to the super weather conditions. Every year in June- July, some competitions of this sports take place. Our staff can teach the art to practice or improve in this sport, or just rent equipment. More information at:

Calima Surf

Tenis – Paddle

To learn or just to play with a teacher or Pade Tennis, good choice for improving your game . We tailor a program to your needs. More information at Reception of Galeón Playa, where contact with Professor Tennis- Paddle to arrange the course.


Be sure to learn or practice your favorite sport, or just let your children, starting to play the sport with Pony. From Galeón Playa we'll help you organize it. More information:

Lanzarote a Caballo


Lanzarote holds the record for Spain in various modalities. We propose a charter fishing trip aboard one of the fishermen in Lanzarote. More information at:

Sport Fishing Lanzarote

Any other activity, sport or hobby that interest you practice or learn, if it's practiced in Lanzarote, we help you organize it. The important thing for us is to enjoy your holidays the maximum.

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